Saturday, July 31, 2010


I am so tired of my life!…

I want my weekends.. I want 48 hours a day.. I want my energy..

I wan my life!


Is already few months ago since the last time i login here..

I am just a lazy blogger after all.. XD.. my time, fully filled up with my studies, club activities and partially, friends.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Present = Drug

Recently, a concept come to my mind that girls want their present like begging for panadol when they are headache!!

Why drug ??? Buying a present to someone will be like deciding and dispensing a correct drug with the accurate dose and also types. And also, drug act differently for different people depends on their physical factors and also side factors. Basically, it act differently on people because the pharmacokinetic ( action of body toward drug ) of people are varies.

Present = Drug because drug can bring adverse effect and also therapeutic effect or maybe sometimes will have side-effect too..!! Drug also have a lot of category and also brand!!.. For example, expensive paracetamol and well known such as Panadol® but hardly the patient will go to a pharmacy and ask for Uphamol® which is a cheaper generic drug made from Malaysia. The concept is the same! The patient want Panadol® or Uphamol® is the decision of the pharmacist!! Both are bioequivalence and bring the same therapeutic effect both different in price..If you applied into the ‘present’, either you bought Gucci or a cheap ROMP but it still a present for someone right!?

However, when the pharmacist make a mistake, dispense a wrong drug, the pharmacist will have a big big trouble!.. Nowadays, giving present isn't as easy like Santa Claus. A patient need specific drug and accurate dose to bring the therapeutic effect. Imagine, Santa Claus have to bring all kind of drugs, go house by house to dispense his drug to only specific type of people..WTF..

Saturday, February 6, 2010


zzzz..a lot of people asked me where i took this picture from and how i edit it…the answer is i took it in my room.. XD. lol..

and the original picture is like this~!

dang dang dang…~


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Photoshop magic #2

When you have a camera and you got nothing to do, why don’t you try to capture picture from different angle? How about a photo like this?

DSC05180 F2.8        ISO 200

This was captured during my trip to Batu Ferringhi at Penang. This shot was randomly taken and a lot of sampah behind it.

So, with adobe Photoshop , you can do a lot in this picture.. maybe you want to add something else or etc etc. So let make it simple, if we edit just the saturation, curve, brightness and etc etc.. a simple picture like this might attract your own eyes.. such as

DSC05180(1) Golden River

So if you would like to have fun with this kind of pictures, you must have some foundation in your Photoshop such as artistic fonts and brushes.. When you have choose all the fonts and the idea of doing it, you might get something good.

Travel with style

So try it out!. I am just a amateur in this kind of thing.. So you might do better!

Crazy night #1

OKay, it was a day which almost my friends had came back and thinking where to go next since it was a boring day and all of us sitting in a Avanza driving by our Pilot Suhian.

It was already late evening after eat the infamous laksa at pokok asam! Yup nice! but nothing can be compared with the Laksa from Tanjung Bunga!

DSC05191 Penang Laksa

So here is roughly our conversation in the car..!

Me: KIa, we go sing k!!

Chiew B: KIa la..

(no ppl wan go, so ignored)

Wuai Kit: Sien la…wan go where???

Su Hian: I will fetch you anywhere u wan~

Wei Chian: Kia la, we go ipoh eat tauge ayam

Liang yew: SUi sui SUi sui

All of us: Kia lo~

After fetched to this house and another..finally, the journey started to Ipoh by our Pilot again..So around 30 minutes or mayb less, we flee to…


A famous place that you need to wait for seats!

DSC05427 Many people enjoying the chickens

DSC05465 One whole chicken…

DSC05472 Yummy~~

So that was our dinner for that day…! rockz~!


Stepped into Taiping the only cinema located in Taiping Sentral with Purpleberry on 25/12/09 to watch a movie acted by infamous singer, Jay Chou and also Taiwan most famous model, Lin Chiling (pretty pretty girl with cute voice). So what so nice about this movie??

YEah!..that it!

Jay Chou!


and the pretty one…

treasure hunter poster lin chiling 

2004 Lycra Channel Young Style Awards Shanghai GWFhqC-4ruwl


At the beginning of the movie, i was amazed when i saw  an old grandma that has a slight disability to walk smoothly on stair, was walking down to the cinema seats with the help of her daughter . OMg, this shows that the ke-yau yeng-an of Jay Chou has reached to all old people!!..LOL

AEADBA824DB66D2D28FC1EF7CB518  Come on..babe..

Well, the storyline is messy and some of the fighting scenes are quite fake. What i can say about this movie is, BORING…

So, think twice before you go watch it! You really want to watch Jay Chou or the treasure hunter? or mayb Lin Chiling. XD

Thursday, December 24, 2009

25/12/2009.. Is cHRristmas!!!

 Rainy day!!!

Is so boring now and i have to go back KL soon..what a sad day!!

and i very lazy to write..hope i get back my determination to continue my life in KL… ~